Pilates Stability Circuit

 This Pilates circuit will allow you to tone yourself harmoniously while challenging your stability in just a few minutes !

The Pilates method improves posture, it strengthens the deep or postural muscles through stability exercises and back mobility exercises. Exercises should be precise and controlled and breathing deep. In Pilates, we breathe in deeply through the nose and breathe deeply through the mouth by drawing the belly in or more exactly by sucking the navel towards the spine.  The Pilates exercices will challenge the center of the body.

With the Pilates method we perform each exercise between 3 and 10 repetitions !

Exercises :

  1. Hundred: the hundred is the warm-up exercise of Mat Pilates. It allows the blood to circulate in the body by pumping the blood performing to small rapid and sustained beats of the arms on a very precise respiratory rhythm : Inhale for 5 beats and exhale for 5 beats over 10 breathing cycles. This gives 10 beats to be done 10 times, ie 100 “Hundred” beats. Depending on your level, the closer the legs are to the ground, the more toned your body center should be. Start with your legs up to the sky if you’re just starting out and lacking in tone. Always keep your lower back closest to the ground !
  2. Single leg stretch: It strengthens the center of the body and improves the flexibility of the hips. Keep the lower back glued to the floor and inhale on 2 changes of legs and exhale on 2 changes of legs. If you have weak neck flexors fell free to put your head on the floor or on a small cushion.
  3. Scissors : The scissors make a scissor movement with the legs. This exercise strengthens the core of the body and stretches the back of the thighs. Keep the lower back flat on the ground and for the more advanced, pull the back of the thighs with your hands to accentuate the stretch by lifting the head off the ground looking towards the navel. Inhale on one leg and exhale on the other leg.
  4. Teaser : The teaser is one of the most difficult exercises in Pilates. From the lying position you have to come to a point of balance using only the strength of the center of the body. If it is too difficult, prefer the point of balance to be maintained for 3 to 10 breathing cycles while keeping the belly in !
  5. Plank : The plank is a static exercise, you have to keep your trunk aligned without slackening your lower back or rounding your upper back. For beginners keep your knees on the ground, for advanced you can take one foot off the ground. Stay between 3 and 10 breaths.
  6. Side bend : The side plank helps tone the waist by stabilizing posture. For beginners keep one knee on the ground, the advanced ones you can lift the knees off the ground. Stay between 3 and 10 breaths each side.
  7. Swimming : Swimming tones the posterior chain. The arms and legs move with small beats like in water. Inhale on 3 beats and exhale on 3 beats.


circuit d'exercices Pilates pour challenger la stabilité

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