Circuit training

Here is a circuit training that will allow you to work your cardio and your muscles in less than 30 minutes !

What is circuit training ?

Circuit training is a series of exercises to be performed one after the other. Once the circuit is finished we take a break before starting the circuit again.
The number of exercises and the intensity are to be determined according to the objective of the circuit training. The objective can be cardio, general muscle strengthening, work on the upper or lower body, postural …

I suggest a circuit in which you will perform functional muscle building exercises that work several muscle chains and generate cardiovascular activity. The goal is to tone up, work the deep and postural muscles to stabilize postures, burn calories increasing heart rate.

Exercices :

  1. Burpees : This is an exercise that gets us from standing to lying down as quickly as possible by doing a squat, push-up, curl and jump. It quickly raises the heart rate. Beginners do the exercise by removing the final jump. Do 10 repetitions.
  2. Push-ups : they strengthen the upper body, especially the pectorals, triceps and anterior deltoids, but there is also posture maintenance work in the push-ups. The back must remain straight, you must remember to tuck your stomach in so as not to relax the lumbar muscles. For beginners you can put your knees on the ground. Do 15 repetitions.
  3. Mountain climbers : by bringing the knee towards the chest you work on strengthening the abs, but what will make this exercise interesting is the increased heart rate. The faster you alternate between climbs, the faster your cardio will be ! Remember to tuck in your stomach to protect your lower back. Do 20 repetitions.
  4. Bicycle crunches : This is an abdominal strengthening exercise with a rotation of the rib cage, soliciting the obliques. Remember to pivot well at the level of the bust and not the neck and keep the lower back always close to the ground. Do 30 repetitions.
  5. Plank : This is a core exercise where muscle chains work in synergy to maintain posture. Remember to tuck your stomach in so as not to relax your lower back. For beginners you can put your knees on the ground. Hold 45 seconds.
  • Always start with a 3 to 5 minute warm-up using knee lifts, squats, shoulder lifts and / or jump rope.
  • Recover between each round for 1 to 3 minutes depending on your level of training.
  • Beginners : perform the circuit 3 times, recovering 3 minutes between each lap.
  • Intermediate : perform the circuit 4 times, recovering 2 minutes between each lap.
  • Advanced : perform the circuit 5 times, recovering 1 minute between each lap.

 Remember to drink before, during and after exercise and never work out on an empty stomach !

To be done 2 to 3 times a week to keep in shape.

circuit training forme

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